C. David Priest hails from Tuckahoe, New York, where he was educated in the Eastchester District 2 school system.  He received his Bachelor of Arts in History from SUNY (Empire College), a Diploma in theology at the Mercer School of theology (Diocese of Long Island) and holds an MBA and a DMIN in Pastoral Care from Graduate Theological Foundation of South Bend, Indiana.  He has traveled extensively in the pursuit of his education and holds a certificate from Oxford University, England.  He numbers among his major accomplishments in life, a two year term in the United States Army and six year tenure as Senior Chaplain at the Rikers Island House of Detention for Men.

C. David Priest
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Other Works

DUBARRY by C. David Priest
Some might call the Countess DuBarry an unwitting accomplice to her own demise. Though gravely calculating at times, her ambition and pretension to power aided other equally ambitious Courtesans in bringing to France the bloodiest revolution in its history. Here is a story of love, sex, and power, which is tempered by DuBarry's innate desire for children, respectability, and a place in French society. Had she succeeded in becoming Louis XV Queen, little might have been known of the ill-fated King Louie XVI or his legendary Queen Marie Antoinette.

This story is more than the sexual escapades of an Eighteenth century bonvivant, it is a diary of a mother's search for her only son, and the ghost of sin that lead her to her dreadful end. Here is fiction mixed with history and horrors of the French Revolution which is intended to shed some light on the one woman who, if she had succeeded, might have changed the whole history of France and the World.

You can purchase DUBARRY for your Amazon Kindle here.

MEEK MOUSE and Her Glade Hill Friends
by C. David Priest

Meek Mouse is small in comparison to her Glade Hill friends, but she has the courage of a Lion. Her biggest task is to feed her young by facing her foe...a fierce Hawk who is out to make a meal of her. Remembering the dreadful time in her youth when the same Hawk was almost successful, she takes courage and meets her fears...with the help of her dear Glade Hill friends.

You can purchase MEEK MOUSE and Her Glade Hill Friends in paperback here.

The Whippanini Man
by C. David Priest

It was the winter of 1947 when C. David Priest, then five years old, first hears his aunt Rosalee tell the vivid and frightening story of the Whippanini man, a strange presence that only comes out when darkness falls. Terrified and curious all at the same time, it is later that same night after David falls asleep that he sees the Whippanini man for the first time, forever transforming his innocent life.

As the spectral presence haunts David in his sleep, his aunt relays more stories that cause him to begin to question everything in his life--and all who have passed away before him, including a cousin reported to have looked just like David. But at night, nothing can stop Whippanini from invading David's dreams, at least temporarily, and seemingly warning him of tragic events about to occur. As the years pass and Whippanini disappears, David wonders if the presence was just a figment of his childhood imagination. Little does he know that the Whippanini man is about to make his presence known again.

The Whippanini Man shares one man's struggle with a fearful manifestation as he walks back into his past and he hopes to find his true self.

You can purchase THE WHIPPANINI MAN in paperback here.
You can purchase THE WHIPPANINI MAN for your Amazon Kindle here.
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