C. David Priest hails from Tuckahoe, New York. He received his Bachelor of Arts in History from the State University of New York (Empire College) and a Diploma in Theology from the Mercer School of theology (Diocese of Long Island). He also holds an MBA and a DMIN in Pastoral Care from the Graduate Theological Foundation of South Bend, Indiana.  He has traveled extensively in the pursuit of his education and holds a certificate from Oxford University, England.  He numbers among his major accomplishments in life two years of service in the United States Army and six years as Senior Chaplain at the Rikers Island House of Detention for Men in New York City.

C. David Priest
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THE ADVERSARY by C. David Priest
Four children, all born on the same day at the same time, hold the key to the future of mankind. Their mothers, who come from vastly different backgrounds, are mysteriously brought and held together by the unexplainable forces surrounding their children.  Dee, a Black woman from Harlem, Angelita, who crossed over from Mexico without documentation, Gwen, a nurse, and Crystal, the CEO of an international cosmetics company, are enveloped in an incredible journey. 

C. David Priest's engaging story opens in the heavens, where Lucifer confronts the Archangel Michael and the Almighty God, protesting the creation of a "weaker nation subject to error and flaw".  Lucifer, at this time still The Bearer of Light, allows his love to turn to envy and is cast down among the very creatures he detests: humans. Thus begins his mission to mislead and destroy mankind. How will the four children affect his plans? What can children do against a fallen archangel? The Adversary weaves together the journey of the children and their parents, along with intriguing phenomena and surprises. This mystery/thriller/fantasy draws from both the Bible and the fertile imagination of its author.

You can purchase THE ADVERSARY for your Amazon Kindle here.

The Sidon Incident opens with ghostly figures in hooded garments accompanying a corpse from Jerusalem. From that moment, C. David Priest captivates the reader with this global journey involving ancient rituals and modern intrigue. Professor Ernst von Biden and reporter Marvin Challet embark on a oddessy that takes them all the way to the Vatican, and that also involves a young archeologist with an undiagnosed illness. Along the way, they confront betrayal, two malevolent assassins spreading fear and evil, and a set of unidentifiable bones deep in the cave of a shrine. Gnostics and Catholics battle--both legally and covertly--to possess the shrine as Muslims look on. The author fluidly orchestrates several story lines, offering many surprises along the way  and a gripping climax set in Lebanon.

"The Sidon Incident will leave you begging for more."--Hisani P. Dubose

You can purchase THE SIDON INCIDENT in paperback

 You can purchase THE SIDON INCIDENT for your Amazon Kindle here.

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